When to say When

Pool chemicals can take their toll on a swimsuit; Know when to retire your existing suit for a new one before it's too late.

Imagine swimming along, merrily enjoying your workout, and all of a sudden something seems a bit out of sorts. You can't quite put your finger on it at first, but then it hits you; there seems to be a bit more 'chill' in your suit.

You stop at the next wall, reach down and notice that the stitching of your suit has come apart. This is not good. The next course of action is to navigate your way to the wall nearest your towel and gracefully exit the pool.

If this hasn’t happened to you, yet, feel fortunate. Chemicals in the pool can wreak havoc on even the best stitching of your swimsuit. Thoroughly rinsing your suit after each workout will help prolong the life of the suit, but eventually you’ll want to replace it

A good indicator will be the whiteness of the stitching. The brighter the bleached whiteness of the threads, the closer to a costume malfunction you may be.

I normally purchase two suits at the same time. I’ll wear the first suit and will keep the second suit in my gear bag in case of emergency. when the first suit begins to show signs of wear, I’ll retire the suit, use the emergency suit as my daily suit and order two more suits to start the process again.

Happy Swimming!

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